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Family Tides – An Interview with Emergence’s Ashley Aufderheide and Donald Faison (Koalition Mag)

Written by Dana Abercrombie on October 8, 2019 at 10:18 am (Reprinted from

Family: It’s one of the few things that ground us, gives us a sense of belonging and features a bond that’ll affect your entire life. In ABC’s Emergence, the idea of family is the main focus when a mysterious girl is found near the site of a plane crash by local sheriff Jo Evans, played by Allison Tolman.

After discovering Piper (whom she names) can’t remember anything about where she came from or who she is, Evans is determined to protect Piper by any means necessary; even if that means banning together to fight unknown government officials who are out to protect their own secrets.

After being taken under the Tolman family, including daughter Mia (who immediate accepts and protects Piper), grandpa Ed, and ex-husband Alex, Piper forms a bond with them that no secret government can break.

Emergence is a fresh new story that effortlessly combines thriller/mystery with a heartfelt drama. As episode three airs tonight the greatest mystery will be solved: who is Piper?

At NYCC, The Koalition spoke with actors Ashley Aufderheide and Donald Faison about their hit TV show, learn how Emergence balances family and mystery, the bond between Piper and Mia and more.

Emergence airs Tuesdays 10/9 Central on ABC.

Listen to the Full Interview Here:

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